Latrobe Valley Volleyball Inc.

Morwell, Moe, Churchill
Established in 1966

             LATROBE VALLEY VOLLEYBALL          

Latrobe Valley Volleyball began in 1966 (see History page) and has been a power house in Victorian volleyball for many years supporting 3 community competitions in Churchill , Moe and Morwell. The association's vision is to eventually conduct competitions in the Latrobe Valley's four major towns.  Having begun in Morwell & Moe the competition centered on Morwell's new YMCA stadium in 1970 with over 45 teams and utilising Maryvale HS stadium at the zenith.  With the opening of the Moe Newborough Leisure Centre the association began its evolution with the formation of the Moe Community Volleyball Competition (Tuesday) and the Morwell Community Volleyball Competition (Wednesday), later in 1986 the opening of the Churchill Leisure Centre saw the Churchill Competition (Thursday) begun.

The best players from these competitions are selected to represent the region for the annual Victorian Country Championships, Regional Tournaments and more recently the Victorian Volleyball League or more loosely known as State League.

The association is administered by the LVVI committee elected annually at the AGM held on the second Monday of July each year. The asoociation's Life Members roll can be seen here.

The LV Team has had much success and has 8 Country Champs Titles under its belt

1979 Men’s D1

1979 Women’s D1

1981 Men’s D1

1986 Men’s D1

1991 Men’s D1

1996 Men’s D1

2007                (All star 6: MD2 Andrew Burgess)

2009 Men’s D2   ( All star 6: Danny Anderson & Craig Wilson )

2012 Men's D1

Adding to this the Community Competition's team title wins at Country Champs..

1989 Moe, Men’s D2

1991 Moe, Men’s D2

2003 Morwell, Women’s, D2

2004 Morwell, Women’s D2


The Men’s team has won 2 Victorian Volleyball League Division 2 Titles in 2007 & 2010 and followed up by 2 League Division 1 most valuble player awards in 2008 (Aaron Magnuson ), 2013 (Tom Murnane) and a top 3 placing by Will Crawford in 2012 adds to the already impressive trophy cabinet, The women's State League team has also been quite successful acheiving 2 silver medals in D2 (2010 & 2011) also 2 League MVP's Callie Cook in 2010, Jade Henry in 2011 and Darcie White achiving a top 3 placement in 2012.  

The quality of coaching has also reaped rewards of late with many players being selected for Victorian State teams, some the more recent being Harley Atcheson, Chloe Street, Jacob Lindgren (three time Vic team M.V.P) , Jess Lloyd, Adam Rogers, Aaron Magnuson, Stephanie Paull, Aimee Napier, Hannah Lindgren, Andrew Burgess, Alix Porter,Pheoby Trembath, Darcie White, Alix Vuillermin ( sorry if I missed anyone… ) We are building a complete Honor Roll here.

With such a strong club history, still the greatest player to come out of the Latrobe Valley stable is legend Ted Kalkhoven.  

Ted began his volleyball career in the Latrobe Valley Volleyball Association in 1976 with the Ulysii volleyball club in Morwell and quickly made his way into the Latrobe Valley representative team.

Ted was a natural leader who went to become captain of the State League club Heidelberg, and Victorian U17 and U20 teams.   The crowning glory of his career was his selection as captain of both the Australian Junior team (1980) and later the Australian senior team. (1985)

In total Ted played 48 international matches for Australia before a tragic road accident claimed his life at the tender age of 25. Both the Latrobe Valley Volleyball Association and the Australian Volleyball Federation have named their annual perpetual trophy for best male player of the year the Ted Kalkhoven Memorial Trophy in honour of one of Australia's greatest ever players.                       

Key Achievements                         Ted Kalkhoven - Volleyball

1977 - Selected in the Victorian Under 17 team
1978 - Selected in the Australian Junior (Under 20) team that played in the Pacific Rim Championships
1979 - Captained Victoria Under 20 team at the National Championships 
1979 - Vice-Captain, Australian Junior (Under 20) team in the Pacific Rim Championships
1980 - Captained Victoria Under 20 team at the National Championships 
1980 - Captained Australian Junior team in the Pacific Rim Championships winning Bronze
1981 - Debuted for the Australian Senior team.
1982 - Australian Seniors, World Championships in Argentina
1985:86 - Captained Australia against Canada and New Caledonia and then a Tour of Japan
1986 - Australian Seniors Tour of Iraq and Asian Championships in Kuwait 

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