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           Exercise Tips You Can Do At Home   

Vertical Leap Exercises - How to Jump Higher

Don't do jumping exercises 7 days a week. Four or five days per week is enough. If you do it every day, you may give up after a week or two. The idea is to keep exercising for months, or years, consistently. Note that I have not organized an actual jumping program. The idea is to provide basic exercises that will help your core fitness and leaping ability that you can do at home all year round.


Before starting the exercises, warm up your muscles. Stretch properly, and jog around for a few minutes.

If you have a jumprope, use it. Jumping rope definitely helps your conditioning.

Running up and down stairs or using an exercise bike for a while is very useful as a warmup, or a full exercise. If using as a warm up don't do too much or else you may wear our your legs before you start.


Deep Knee Bends --- Be standing. Slowly bend at the knees while keeping your back straight. Slowly crouch down as low as possible (it shouldn't hurt) and slowly rise back up. Do this 15 times. Over time increase to 20, 30, etc.

Deep Knee Bend Jumps --- Be standing. Crouch down as described above but fairly quickly, almost touching your bottom to the ground, then explode upwards as high as you can. The moment you land, immediately crouch and launch back up again. Do this 15 times, and when you can, increase to 20, 30, etc.

Toe Raises --- Stand regularly, then raise up onto the tips of your toes. Lower back down. Don't just rock up and down, do it slowly (not too slowly) but steadily. Repeat 30-50 times.

Toe-Raise with Weights --- If you have any sort of weights, holding/wearing them while doing these toe raises will help. Use small weights (a mere 2 or 3 Kg is fine) and work your way up.

Stomach Crunches --- It is believed that sit-ups are bad for your back. Stomach crunches, where while lying on your back, using your abb muscles and keeping your back straight, you rise up just enough to lift your shoulders off the ground, are better. Do them often - perhaps for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night.

Jumping Rope--- Jumping rope definitely helps your vertical leap. Jump rope while watching tv or something. Make it a habit.

Doing these basic drills daily will greatly improve your overall fitness and you wil be stunned how quickly the results will come. The key really is to make a routine and instead of sitting watching TV , do some crunches or deep knee bends while watching instead. 


"I used to be a defender for the Morwell football club and by using this "at home program" I was able to out run, out jump and spoil forwards up to a foot taller than myself. I also owe my past 6 years in the LV Div 1 mens team to doing these basic exercises and I hope you find the benifits I did and still do. Jacob G."