Latrobe Valley Volleyball Inc.

Morwell, Moe, Churchill
Established in 1966

LVVI Honor Roll

Over the years many Latrobe Valley players have been recognised with selection in State & National Teams or Sporting Awards.

This list is a work in progress any errors or ommisions please contact us.

Pre 1977 history yet to be researched & confirmed.



1977 - Ted Kalkhoven Vic U17 

1978 - Ted Kalkhoven Australian U20; Shaun O'Neil Vic U17; Sue Jones, Jenny Mosley, Liz Davis (capt)Vic Schools Team; Jenny Mosley & Liz Davis Australian Schools Team; Nick Kalkhoven & Clinton Rodda Vic U15 

1979 - Ted Kalkhoven vice capt Aust U20 Pacific Rim Championships, Capt Vic U20; Shaun O'Neil Aus U20 Pacific Rim Championships, Vic U20; Sue Jones, Jenny Mosley, Liz Davis (capt) Vic Schools Team; Nick Kalkhoven & Jim Medew Vic U17 

1980 - Ted Kalkhoven Aus U20, Captain Vic U20, Shaun O'Neil Aus U20 Bronze at Pacific Rim Champs 

1981 - Ted Kalkhoven & Shaun O'Neil debut Aust Seniors Commonwealth Championships; Sue Jones & Liz Davis Vic U20

1982 - Ted Kalkhoven Aust Seniors World Championships Argentina; Liz Davis Vic U20 (v capt)

1983 - Liz Davis Vic U20 (v capt)

1984 - Liz Davis Vic Open Women, Tanya Taylor, Stefan Sincich selected for Vic teams. Shaun O'Neil, Clinton Rodda, Malcom Stewart, Pam Dinsmore, Liz Davis selected for Country Victoria 

1985 86 - Ted Kalkoven Captained Australia against Canada and New Caledonia and then a tour of Japan 

1986 - Ted Kalkhoven Australian Seniors tour of Iraq and Asian Championships in Kuwait

1986 - S. McGrath selected in Victorian team

1987 - Phillip Swainsbury, Pene Eaton selected in Vic Secondary Schools teams

1989 - Danny Anderson & Anthony Kingsley Vic U17, Phillip Swainsbury & Shane Carruthers Vic U19

1991 - Melissa Hammond Vic ?, Danny Anderson Vic U19, Brian Scott Vic U17 Assistant Coach

1992 - Brian Scott Vic U17 Coach

1993 - Danny Anderson Vic U21, Brian Scott Vic U17 Coach

1994 - Brett McGennisken Vic U19, Julie Robinson Vic U17

1998 - Howard Williams Volleyball Victoria Distinguished Service Award

1999 - Ian Burgess Volleyball Victoria Distinguished Service Award

2000 - Hannah Lindgren Vic U15, Jed McGennisken Vic ?

2002 - Jessica Lloyd Vic U15, Andrew Burgess Vic U15

2003 - Jessica Lloyd Vic U17, Hannah Lindgren Vic U17, Amanda Curwood Vic U17

2004 - Quinn McGennisken Vic U15, Jacob Lindgren Vic U17, Adam Rogers, Jessica Lloyd & Hannah Lindgren Vic U19

2004 - Howard Williams, Volleyball Victoria Life Member

2005 - Harley Atcheson & Stephanie Paull Vic U15, Aimee Napier & Jacob Lindgren Vic U16, Jacob Lindgren Vic U17,  Adam Rogers, Aaron Magnuson & Jacob Lindgren Vic U19

2006 - Jessica Lloyd & Adam Rogers Vic U21, Andrew Burgess Vic U19, Harley Atcheson Vic U17, Aimee Napier & Jacob Lindgren Vic U17, Stephanie Paull Vic U16 & U17

2007 - Adam Rogers Vic U21,

to be continued to include Chloe Street, Alix Porter, Casey Brei, Thomas de Vries & Georgia Watts Vic U15 etc

2008 - Diane Bosma-Lindgren & Ray Woolley Volleyball Victoria Distinguished Service Awards

2010 - Howard Williams Vic Govt. State Sport & Recreation Awards - Senior Sportsperson of the Year

2010 - Ian Burgess Vic Govt. State Sport & Recreation Awards - Unsung Sporting Hero Award Finalist. Peter Harasimiuk Vic U15

2011 - Phoebe Trembath Aust Jnr Women, Vic U15. Darcy White Vic U15. Glenn Trembath Vic U15 Girls coach

2012 - Glen Trembath U19 Vic mens white coach

2012 - Jacob Gruis U19 Vic mens white, assistant coach 

2012 - Phoebe Trembath Aust Jnr Women, Victorian U16 Schools Team

2012 - Chris Wood Aust jnr Women, assistant coach

2013 -  Danny Anderson VVI Distinguished Service Award. Phoebe Trembath, Darcy White, Rebecca Ingram, Bronte Scott, Alex Vuillermin - Vic U17, Kasey Teakle Vic U19, Glenn Trembath - Vic U17 assistant coach.

2014 -   Darcie White, Meg McIntosh, Bronte Scott, Ainsley White, Alice Shaw, Linus Rodda, Jack McIntosh & Darcy Dorward all Vic Beach teams.  Darcy White, Hannah Bennett, Rebecca Ingram, Meg McIntosh, Monica Harasimiuk - Vic U17, Bronte Scott, Alix Vuillermin, Ainsley White, Alice Shaw - Vic U17, Glenn Trembath Vic U19 coach, Sandi Kilpatrick officiating at World League and National Juniors.

2015 - Ansley White, Rebecca Ingram, Bronte Scott, Alice Shaw, Monica Harasimiuk, Meg McIntosh, Joey Rodda, Jack McIntosh, Linnus Rodda, all Vic Beach teams. Rebecca Ingram, Bronte Scott, Alice Shaw, Alex Vuillermin, Ansley White - Vic U17,  Phoebe Trembath, Monica Harasimiuk - Vic U19, Glenn Trembath, Darcy White - Vic assistant coaches.