Latrobe Valley Volleyball Inc.

Morwell, Moe, Churchill
Established in 1966

       Moe Community Volleyball Competition  

Moe has in recent years has taken over the mantle as the largest competition in the Valley boasting 3 mixed divisions & a junior division. It is also the only community competition in the Latrobe Valley to have won a mens Division 2 Country Champs title. One in 1989, a second in 1991. More recently the Moe mens team came runners up in the 2004 Country Champs at Home and 2nd again in 2010. Their womens team also won Division 2 silver in 2010 & Bronze in 2011.

The competition currently runs a Summer season and Winter season on Tuesday nights, matches at 6:00pm for Juniors, 6:45 for Women's League, 7:30 & 8.45pm for Senior divisions. All those interested in playing please enter the " Contact Us ' page and find the appropriate contact information and a season draw can be viewed in the downloads section of the site. 

2017 SEASON 2 - Draw

Follow link for the draw:   2017 Season 2 -V3.pdf  


Please see link for the Draw:   2016 Spring Season.pdf


Important information below:

1. All teams will be required to have mathcing unifirms with numbers this season. Points in first set of game will be lost for out of uniform teams, as per the By-Laws

2. All team fees ($80 per team) needs to be paid to the front desk by Round 3 or penalties will apply

3. All players are required to be registered with volleyball Victoria, and can be done via the Volleyball

Victoria website

4. No Division 1 players are to play in the Division 2 unless approved by the committee

5. No male players are permitted to play in the Women's Division unless approved by the committee.

Important changes at Moe Volleyball

Moe Volleyball Changes Introduced from 2013

1.   A decision was made to alter the length of games times for the Division 1 & Division 2 games:

                - The draw will now see the Division 1 & Division 2 games commence at 8:00 & 9:00 respectively

                - These games will now be 55 min in duration

                - Women’s games will continue to be 55 min in duration

2.   The meeting resolved that the Junior’s and Women’s games will have only 1 x Time Out per set

                - Division 1 & 2 games will continue to have the normal 2 x Time Outs per set

3.   Issue of: “Paying multiple times for multiple games”

The group considered a number of options to combat the issue of having to pay multiple times on a single night

A decision was reached that “Moe Volleyball” will hire the venue on a weekly basis

All senior players will be charged a $5.00 entry fee (irrespective of how many games you are playing), payable to Moe Volleyball, NOT the Leisure Centre!

Juniors Competition players will be charged $2.00 entry fee, to play in the Junior competition, but any junior playing multiple games will be charged a one off $5.00 entry fee for the night!

There will be a table set up in the hallway of the Leisure centre for every single player to pay a representative prior to playing your game/s. You will receive a stamp to confirm your payment

The referees and committee members will be checking players for stamps. If you do not have a stamp you will not be allowed to enter the court until you pay your entry fee

Normal procedures will apply in regards to “forfeits”, so you will need to be prepared prior to your scheduled game, so that your game starts on time!

Obviously this is a completely new way of managing the competition, but if we were to maintain the normal practice, people will be expected to pay multiple times, resulting in some players having to pay approx $12 a week to play

5.   With Moe Volleyball now hiring the venue for the duration of the competition on Tuesday’s, we have decided to condense the amount of courts that we use on the night. This will decrease the costs associated with booking the venue

Division 1 will now play games on Court 1 & 2

Division 2 will play on courts  3

Women’s League will play on courts 1, 2 

Volleyball Court 4 (Basketball Court 3) will not be used for the remainder of this season!

We would like to thank all people who had an input in these outcomes

Those who attended the “Open Meeting” and also those who sent emails prior to the meeting, it all contributed to these outcomes being achieved

The decisions made, were done with the belief that they will best fit the Moe Volleyball competition